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Tau   (04 Mar 2012 07:25 PM)    Tag: News
Free Audio Mastering @

Tau   (06 Dec 2009 06:23 PM)    Tag: News

To give all Audio Odyssey Users faster and more reliable service.

We have created a new website:-

Please make all future upload to itunes via

Mastering Screen

Mastering Before and after previews to iTunes

From to iTunes :)

Tau   (01 Feb 2009 08:02 PM)    Tag: News
DIgital Distribution To iTunes!

Get your on iTunes today with Audio Odyssey!!!!!

Audio Odyssey is a new digital music aggregation service with one mission, one aim:-

"To help unsigned artist and indie labels get there music on the iTunes Music store" 

Music lovers from the U.S.A. to Japan, Australia to Sweden will be able to purchase and discover your music! 

* You pay NO up front fee for using our service.

* Retain 100% Copyright of your music.

* Our service is non-exclusive. We won't tie up your rights.

* Our only fee is a small 15% commission of the Royalties.

To use our service just Signup & Login!

Make Music...Make Money...With Audio Odyssey. 

Tau   (19 Jan 2009 10:50 PM)    Tag: News
Ableton Live 8 & The new APC40 Controller !

As a avid Ableton Live users, we are excited about the up and coming version 8 and the new dedicated controller the APC40! The new ableton Live 8 feature list is nothing short of amazing:-

*Max for Live Basically, Max for Live is a tool kit for making new devices. Think of a diverse and comprehensive set of building blocks that you can use to build pretty much anything you can think of. Max is essentially a visual programming environment where you build courses or tracks for these signals to run through.

*Share  Live 8 introduces a simple and intelligent solution for online musical collaboration. Share your Live Sets with others via the web and make beautiful music together.

*New groove engine Groove patterns dynamically influence the timing and velocity/volume of audio and MIDI material. This can add life and swing to straight patterns, give a track more drive, or lend a piece an easy, laid-back feeling.

*New effects  Vocoder, Multiband Dynamics, overdrive and limiters etc.

*Workflow enhancements Version 8 makes Live easier with a number of most-wanted enhancements and some deceptively simple detail work. All this and many many new features and tweaks. Number one on our wish list is the APC40 (Ableton Performance Controller).The APC40 features high quality controls for real-time mixing, remixing and production. 109 buttons, 16 endless encoders with LED rings, nine 45mm faders and a replaceable crossfader give musicians and producers complete control of Live's Session View, effect devices and virtual instruments.

Visit for more details :)

Tau   (08 Jan 2009 10:39 PM)    Tag: News
iTunes Video Aggregation

itunes videoWe also now publish Music videos to itunes. Each published Music video cost a small fee of £15. Just signup @ to upload your digital assets. From each video you will earn royalties. Our royalty rates are the best in the industry. 


Tau   (07 Jan 2009 01:51 AM)    Tag: News
Staff Pick: Galexia ( Industrial Progressive Alternative Metal )


Galexia CD cover

Click Here for the iTunes Link

Album of the Year, Absolutely amazing - 97%

I received my copy of 'Galexia' the upcoming album on Astral Sun Records from 19 year old "creative mastermind" Kenneth Joseph Spaziani. I was to review the album for magazine publication, and being an avid metal fan I checked metal archives to see nobody else who received a promo copy has reviewed it yet, so I decided to be the first to give you a feel for how great this album really is. I can't lie I was a bit skeptical at first while reading about the CD, it has some big names in the progressive rock world - but in the back of my mind I kept thinking "this kid is 19 years old, how did it get these prog giants?". I can safely say after sitting with the album on loop the past 5 days, that Kenneth himself will also be considered a prog giant.

The album starts with a slow Psychedelic pace, brooding with acid tinged colors and sampling from a british speaker about opiate usage in the UK. The production during this part seemed a bit off, lower quality sounding guitar solo, lo-fi production on the speakers voice, and an overly bassy synth riff busting through a seemingly dingy drum sound. I was really digging the writing, but the sound was bugging me -after about a minute and 20 seconds of this intro Spaziani's voice hauntingly cuts through the mix to say "Galexia: Online". The guitars ringing feedback quickly raises to a blasting volume and explodes into the "Real" intro track that absolutely made me smile. It was obvious at this point the lofi opening was on purpose, as the production at this stage now sounds astonishing, I read in an interview that Spaziani felt his strong point and true passion was production, and it really shows. Tramadol continues with a Roaring bass, brooding bassy drums, and a style of synthesizer use that follows on most tracks on the album, psychedelic sounding spacey arpeggio's and laser riffs and sound effects rythmatically go ear to ear in the left and right channels. The track has a hip-hop feel for the first half with whispering vocals looping "Never really wanted, never really wanted to hear you, never really wanted, never really wanted you" - until it explodes with distorted guitars and a wall of layered vocals by spaziani. The track ends with a burning keyboard solo as spaziani is heard screaming in agony in the backround. A true display of passion and a display of agony spaziani portays for the albums dark storyline.

The next track features the first guest vocalist 'Arjen A Lucassen' famous mainly for his amazing project Ayreon. He also fronted Star One and played guitar for Stream of Passion. "Rose of Thorns" clocking in at 9:55 is the first epic on the album (an album of mostly epics) within the first 40 seconds I was once again blown away by the style of production, the distorted guitar sounding like a wall of sound, waves crashing onto the shoreline. Devin Townsend's Ocean Machine quickly came to my mind in the comparing style of production. Spaziani growls "Rose of Thorns" as it cuts to a choir synthesizer and a funk-driven interesting time signature oriented drumming. A light verse with Lucassen singing as I've never heard him before, his vocals start very low in tone and are then followed by various layered vocals in higher pitches (think a delay of the initial vocals but sung in different octaves and styles). The waves come back for the chorus which features the same style by arjen except in a powerful melodic scream, - spaziani whispers and growls along with it. The song then cuts into its middle instrumental section which lasts nearly 5 minutes, it goes everywhere from a fast paced funky slap bass solo, to an futuristic sounding space-jazz portion, and back into bulsting metal. Late in the song Lucassen has layered vocals of which brought a smile to my face, amazing melody and interesting lyrics lead to the close of the song lead by Spaziani grimmingly repeating "Help Me".

Asfixia is next which features a new talented singer Martyna Halas, the track clocks in at 8:40 seconds and is the most detached and ambient piece on the album. A guitarist by the name of Mike Cipressi from the acoustic indie rock band "Three Headed Boy" is featured here, he solos over the first minute of instrument driven ambience. Reading that some portions of the album has over 25 instrument tracks at once is no surprise, as Martyna's vocals first come in layered of chanting and moaning in an oriental melody style it is evident how interesting the album really is at this point, and the task spaziani set out to make. Each song at this point (and this continues for the rest of the album) sounds nothing alike, draws from endless genres yet sounds nothing like a copy-cat or clone band at any time. The verse starts during the 3:00 minute mark which is lead by a mini-moog riff and a funk influenced trip-hop drum beat. The chorus states "I want to die" and apologizes with a hauntingly clever "I'm fixing it" then later the chorus expands with "I'm better dead" repeated. The song later transforms into a heavy doom riff, featuring spaziani singing from the left channel to the right "..and mentholated cigarettes, you will best me yet". The song fades out with a minute long outro of just Halas's vocals chanting and moaning. Beautiful and stunning.

Paroxysm Throe features Gordon Tittsworth a very Bruce Dickenson sounding singer from Penn. USA. He fronts the well known underground prog band "Images of Eden" and his pipes are extremely impressive here. All his vocals are tracked with a low track, a high track, a middle melodic track, and layered melodies. The song doesn't allow you to rest at all for its 7 minute duration. prior to the two minute mark the song really takes a turn with an ear to ear low monk chanting, industrialized drumming and synthesizers blasting. Echoe'd layered vocals by Tittsworth, extremely unique track and so far the most energenic on the album. A series of solo's appear of various instruments which leads into the emotional build up of the song. "Shaking, Freezing, Sweating" and a screaming "Still not feeling!" leads back into the chorus which after heads into a late 60's style sounding mellotron. A very unexpected turn of which each song is filled with, gordon lightly sings "I want you, and I want you - Alone" of which is layered and echo'd ( a trait the album follows most of the duration ). Spaziani ends the track singing hauntingly with an extremely well written lyric track. "It's always the same for me, same picture different magazine." The part is a post-modern sound with a drum-machine in a dance style, its quick but sweet and Spaziani displays his vocal talent as a quiet yet beautiful voice.

The albums best song comes next. the exact 8 minute epic lead by Damian Wilson on vocals (Threshold, Ayreon, Star One). It is a haunting ballad leads by many layers of Strings and a simple A chorded piano, to a G chord. The song features by far the most personal lyrics, which leads you to really think about the life-style of Spaziani. While this is a conceptual piece, it seems to be written in a way that connects to his life and I felt the ability to connect it to my own. "Fear mental gyration, deviation of my will" spaziani's distorted voice sweetly speaks "If I ever saw her again, I'd look her straight in the eyes and admit. Everything that was wrong with me, I'd admit everything". The song picks up and becomes heavy and the only way to describe it is epic. Layers of strings, choir mellotron, a burning distorted guitar and slap bass. drums a low grooving tom pattern with proggy time changes. "Can't get through to me, stained glass broken away. I need to die - Detox harder than it seems... In reality its all a dream. Once on top of the world but now I'm falling, away!" leads to the piano and mellotron chorus "These pills will, be the end of me. These pills will be the end". It's hauntingly honest, almost too honest. I was almost in tears in the middle of the song. "I just want to be known again by anyone, anyone will do" is wailed by Wilson, holding the "do" out displaying his powerful beautiful voice. Such a depressing song, yet tinged with honest beauty. One of greatest prog epics of our time, and ballads of our time.

Pins//Needles is the least accessible song, a 7 minute pure Industrial style song lead by Marko Eskola from the Prog-Death Metal band "Farmakon". This is where the album takes its final three tracks into the darkest depths of addiction, depression and is the albums straight up heaviest songs. Pounding double bass cuts through the mix of endless layered synthesizers and a looping guitar feedback along with a looping siren. There is so many industrialized riffs and sounds being layered here I cannot grasp how many or which is which. Marko sings melodically in the verses, and in a low doomy pre-chorus. "Insuffilation lead, melancholys song, down the path to happiness but not for long. A pessimistic gaze, conjuring eternity in my hands - I've had enough of you". Marko displays his extreme vocals during the chorus with a low growl "I don't want you anymore" of which rythmatically is repeated as a high black metal style scream switches the left and right channel "I'm Pins and Needles! ****, ****, ****, **** You, It's Like A Cancer, I need the cancer!" the chorus ends with more "**** You"'s in a mix of low and high growls. It may seem a bit immature, understanding Spaziani's age its more understandable but I must admit the display of negative emotion in a simplistic and offensive way sounds great! The track is pure mood, one of Eskola's best growling ever recorded. Which is really saying something with how great a band Farmakon is. I was extremely impressed by his singing on this song, and on Farmakon in general. Until I heard the next track of which he also sings. After which he has become one of my Top Three extreme singers.

Transparency is the next track Mark Eskola also sings. Another 7 minute epic, the style of the first 4 minutes can only be described as a modern sounding Pink Floyd having sex with newer NIN style material. Slow acoustic guitar reverbed to all hell, and many dreamy vintage synthesizers. "Feelings of november, the clouds begin to drift away for you - and I release a mental sigh. Words are expedential flowing out like rain, of clouds cascading fractals from the waterfall. Matryr to her feeling, she's abandoned all my hope to once again experience and empty star". Very personal yet mysterious lyrics, sung beautifully and emotionally by Eskola. The best portion is the songs chorus, which is lead by a vintage synth riff, and a pounding rythem section produced ear to ear. "On this regretful day, I transfered all my strength to stay" Eskola screaming melodically to his full extent "Still I keep smothering my life away" His voice is cracking displaying his honesty and genuine effort. He sounds almost like a blend of Friden from In Flames during his not quite harsh screaming, and old style Johnathon Davis (back when he still had emotion). Its not qutie like Eskola has every tried performing before, and it is absolutely incredible. Late in the song a droopy low bass groove leads into another solo by Cipressi, and bowie esque vocals by Eskola. Samples of a Horse naying, a saw chopping, screaming are all layered and lead into a sustained high pitch guitar solo by Cipressi as eskola unleashes the most Un-Humanly growl he has ever recorded. dare I say more impressive than Opeth's Akerfeldt. The song remains heavy for its close, featuring futuristic sounding synth leads and pads, two distorted guitar tracks, and a pounding bass track. The drums are exceptional here, pounding double bass yet constantly changing rythem and timing styles to add a progressive uniqueness to it. Eskola layers his godly low scream and high pitched black metal scream. "Just give me one more time" ends in a low/high growl along with a Melodic wail making Eskola sound like Devin Townsend. Amazing track, really displays Spaziani's ability to create an absolutely bizarre and stunning mood. Displays Eskola as one of Modern Death Metal's best pipes.

The final track is the shortest on the album by far at only 3:34. The track is catchy by all accounts, and re-features the talented voice of Gordon Tittsworth. The song rythamtically uses a very trippy synth patch (almost sounding as it would be used in an underground hip-hop song). The song sounds like a musical version of the movie Blade-Runner, its really quite incredible. It is the most "Nine Inch Nails" song on the album, and the albums most simplistic tune, - but don't let that take away from how well executed it is. I feel in Trent Reznor's "The Fragile" era he could create something of this style, Spaziani is seriously so diverse and talented at all styles he attempts to mold together. The song is lead by a bass line and piano lead of which follow the same notes. The trippy synth continues ear to ear and a "DING!" bell echoes. The song is made in a very loop-rythmatic style, I groove my head back and forth during its entire duration. "From this life of pain, lost soul but I can't complain!" Gordon wails in the chorus. The vocal style of Gordon on top of a dark straight Industrial song is like nothing i've ever heard attempted. Gordon sounds very much like a mix between Bruce Dickenson and Iced Earth's Matthew Barlow in this tune, a mid-range vocal track is in the foreground, which is shadow'd by an identical track but in all high-halford screams. To make this sound very unique spaziani reverberates the high-track, uses various phaser effects and echoes, and turns the volume down on it allowing it to drift ear to ear shadowing the main vocal track. I read spaziani state he wanted to display the main character leaving the living realm and into the realm of death, so the vocals to be sung as if he was transcending. Its haunting, unique and well done approach. It's too bad the track is so short, but as they say short but sweet. Most compact consistant groove on the album ends with gordon wailing "I can't hear you anymore!" the "anymore!" is re-echoed repeatingly as a synthesized siren takes the foreground and a dj scratch rythmatically dollows the bass and piano combination. Incredible outro for an incredible album.

Kenneth Joseph Spaziani has recorded all the instruments, sings on half the tracks, and produces it all himself. He is a name that will be headlining in the prog world. Galexia displays one of the most unique album heard in years, a step away from the usual prog patterns and styles - easily the album of the year! 97/100



Tau   (05 Jan 2009 03:27 AM)    Tag: News
Staff Picks:- Myah Marie: Without You. (iTunes)

Myah Marie

Myah Marie is one to watch in 09. Her debut single "Without You" oozes sultry vocals and cutting edge electro sexiness.

Amazing :)

Click Here To Visit Store

Tau   (28 Dec 2008 05:15 PM)    Tag: News
Melodyne D.N.A (Direct Note Access)



This music technology is going to be the future of music production. Melodyne with its D.N.A (Direct Note Access) technologies,Will change the text book definition of the terms:- "remix" and "sampling". You could take any track ever recorded and edit the audio with note accuracy. Pull apart chords, change there timing, pitch add notes remove them the list goes on and on. Developments like Melodyne Dimension are on the cutting edge of music technology. Just as how the sampler or the synthesizer has changed the face of music for ever. Melodyne Dimension is going to change music as we know it forever. Watch this space!

Tau   (26 Dec 2008 09:44 PM)    Tag: News
A More tradition iPhone "Instrument"

Also check out Ocarina" on the itunes store

it is turns your iphone into a more traditional pitched wind "pitched" instrument, with loads of options.

Tau   (26 Dec 2008 09:28 PM)    Tag: News
The iPhone The Newest Musical Instruments Of The 21 Century

I came across this amazing "iphone drummer" app from

Basically you use its GUI interface to trigger samples on the iPhone or iPod Touch, in exactly the same way you would on a Akai MPC-500 and it siblings.Instead of your normal 808 or 909 kits this demo uses samples from Daft Punks "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" to good effect. Check out some of the other amazing software on and turn your iPhone a truly mobile music production tool


Tau   (23 Dec 2008 12:59 PM)    Tag: News
How To Promote Your Music On FaceBook & Myspace

95% of artists have it wrong when it comes to promoting your music on myspace. Watch this quick video as Eric Phillipson of explains some of the right ways to do it.

Tau   (20 Dec 2008 03:56 PM)    Tag: News
The Future Of The Music Industry!!!!

David Kusek talks about the Future of the music industry.  A must watch Presentation !!!!!! Amazing stuff :) 


Tau   (09 Dec 2008 10:12 AM)    Tag: News
Digital Distribution To iTunes Is The Future Of Music

Publish your music to iTunes today!  Be a part of the digital music revolution!! 

Just create an account, and upload your tracks using our "Director"  system in your user control panel.

And earn royalties from sales made on iTunes.

For Artists or Labels with multiple albums to upload please download a copy of Audio Odyssey Director Http:// and bulk upload your releases.

Tau   (07 Dec 2008 08:50 PM)    Tag: News
Publish Ringtones With Audio Odyssey

We are now supplying the below networks with full track, real tones

Here is a 50% off coupon for the ringtones service.

Use coupon code 50%off

Instead of £3:00 per submission. A credit crunch beating £ 1.50 (EU members will be charged vat @ 15%)

More information of networks below:-

United States

Sprint Nextel : Sprint Music Store

With 53.8 million subscribers, Sprint is the third largest network operator in the US. They run a mobile on-portal store retailing various media formats including full tracks, real tones and video. Since April 1st, 2007 Sprint have started offering over the air music downloads on a pay per download at 99 cents per track.


Qwest provide local service in 14 western U.S. states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. At present Qwest actually re-sell some of the services that Sprint offer, meaning they too offer the Sprint Music Store to their customers.


Boost is actually owned by Sprint Nextel, and comes under the services offered by them, but boost is primarily aimed at an urban market. To date they have 4 million customers. We will be licensing alacarte fulltrack downloads as well as fulltrack streams here.


Bell Mobility Canada

Bell is Canada's largest telephone and telecommunications company. At the end of 2006, their wireless network covered: 95% of the population of Ontario and Qu┼Żbec approximately 90% of the population of Atlantic Canada and the major cities in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. We will be supplying fulltrackÕs here for sale as ala carte downloads.

New Zealand

Telecom New Zealand

New Zealands second largest mobile phone operator, we will be supplying 

fulltracks for download here.

Telefonica (Global Deal)

Retailing Realtones, video and recently launched fulltrack downloads, Telefonica run the Movistar are a mobile operator selling music through their portals in several latin American countries including:

* Argentina (formerly Telefónica Unifón and Movicom BellSouth)

* Chile (formerly Telefónica Móvil and BellSouth)

* Colombia (formerly BellSouth)

* Ecuador (formerly BellSouth)

* El Salvador (Formerly Telefónica Móviles or Telefonica MoviStar)

* Guatemala (formerly Telefónica MoviStar and BellSouth)

* Mexico (formerly Cedetel, Bajacel, Movitel, Norcel and Pegaso)

* Nicaragua (formerly BellSouth)

* Panama (formerly BellSouth)

* Peru (formerly Telefónica Móviles and BellSouth)

* Spain (formerly Telefónica MoviStar)

* Uruguay (formerly Movicom)

* Venezuela (formerly Telcel-Bellsouth)

* Portugal (TMN- operate a similar service to Vodafone Live! Called i9 (innov))

If you would have any music which would sell well or has proven sales history in any of these countries, let us know.

Optimus (Portugal)

With nearly 3 million customers, Optimus are now the third biggest network operators in Portugal with a 20% market share. We are retailing ringbacktones here and supplying music for promotional, on-portal, campaigns.


We are now supplying these networks in Holland with realtones formats

* KPN Mobile

* Vodafone NL

* Telfort

* Orange NL


* SFR France

* Orange France


* Mobistar

* Proximus (Vodafone Live!)

MTN South Africa (12 million subscribers)

MTN Swaziland

MTN Cameroon

MTN Rwanda

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MTN Guinea Republic

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MTN Afghanistan

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MTN Cyprus

MTN Sudan

MTN Syria

Vodacom South Africa (20 Million subscribers)

Vodacom Tanzania

Vodacom Congo

Vodacom Mozambique

Cell C South Africa

Virgin Mobile South Africa

ThumbtribeSouth Africa

Telkom Media South Africa

MibliSouth Africa

Mig 33South Africa

Prefueled Africa South Africa

Other mobile channels :- 

3 Austria

3 Denmark

3 Eire

3 Full Track, Video and Videotones

3 realtones and ringback tones

3 realtones and ringback tones

3 Sweden

9 Squared


Todo lo ultimo

All the latest


Bouygues ( france)

Bouygues ( france)

Cellcom (Israel)

China Mobile

Elisa ( finland)


Tau   (09 Sep 2008 11:01 PM)    Tag: News
Joker - laughing In Progress. Out Now On iTunes

Joker - laughing In Progress. Out Now On iTunes

Hot of the press from the UK Grime scene, Impressive beats n treats from the mean streets of highbury.


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